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About Us

Spirit of the Village, Incorporated is a 501©3 nonprofit organization established to strengthen and support the family unit through community partnership & involvement, parent empowerment, educational development and youth engagement. We believe that students who have strong support systems are the most successful in school. In years past, families could depend on their community to provide them with guidance & support with raising their children. But, times have changed! We agree with the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child"; therefore, our vision is to restore the “Spirit of the Village” by partnering with families and helping them build a village that will strengthen and support their family unit. As a result, students will have a strong support system giving them a greater opportunity to be academically, socially and emotionally successful in school as well as bring about positive change in the community as a whole.




  • Educate parents/guardians on how to navigate the educational system and advocate more effectively for their student(s) 

  • Connect students and their families to community organizations that provide the necessary resources and/or personal & professional development needed to thrive


SOTV Parent Partner Experience

Our programs and workshops are focused on the areas of community partnership & involvement, parent empowerment, educational development and youth engagement. To become a Parent Partner of SOTV, parents and their students must participate in the following: 


The Village Experience
This workshop will be an introduction to the Spirit of the Village, Inc. Parents and/or guardians will have an opportunity to learn about the services we will provide, meet the Anchors in our village and take a needs assessment, which will help us build a village targeted to meet their needs.


Be the Example

Once the Needs Assessment is completed, parents and/or guardians will begin to build the roadmap necessary for them to become the best version of themselves.  They will be provided with skills and strategies and partnered with the best resources needed to become the person they desire to be, for themselves and their families.


Being a Strong Support System
This workshop will address how to navigate the educational system and create an environment that supports learning and the educational development of students. Parents will learn how to effectively advocate for their students, prepare their students for standardized assessments and ensure their students are college & career ready.


Meet the Village
Parents and students will have access to community organizations and programs in one location in order to learn about the resources, services and opportunities they provide that will support and strengthen the family unit.


Community Restoration
The Village will work closely with the residents of The Zone to help create a feeling of empowerment and unity in our collective efforts to help The Zone thrive. Residents will also have access to programs and workshops that teach conflict resolution, promote cultural awareness, and accepting & embracing diversity.


Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Financial Literacy is a skill that must be taught to everyone in the household in order to break the cycle of poverty, which usually spans across generations. Participants will have access to workshops and programs that teach skills such as budgeting, credit, basic tax information, the importance of insurance and more.

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